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What A Way to Pay - Your Way

We started our "Pay Your Way" program from the onset of Connection Built, stemming from our consulting partnerships, as well as our past experiences, and the flexibility we brought into those.

Our consulting services work on a retainer for services, allowing us to setup partnerships based on goals or budgets. If you want to finalize strategic planning, refresh website, and kick off digital marketing services in 6 months - we break down that work into the timeframe. If you already have a set budget of $500 a month and a laundry list to do, we'll work within the budget every month and help prioritize deliverables.

After we watched management put marketing on the chopping block time and time again due to costs - we wanted Connection Built to change that.

So, how does it work?

  1. Traditional

  2. In all of our branding and marketing solutions, we'll build you a proposal based on what you're looking for with your business. We utilize our experience and expertise to guide you in finding the right solution and propose a solution. With our traditional payment structure, often preferred by manufacturing & logistics, we invoice out in 50-25-25 percentages. We take a deposit upfront to secure the work, and the schedule, and invoice out at deliverables and final approval. It's simple and works.

  3. Pay Your Way

  4. Similar to traditional with our proposed services, but the similarities stop there. With the Pay Your Way program, we take the proposal and break that fee down in to equal monthly payments across 6, 12, or 18 months. We understand that small business and startups struggle can struggle with a $1,500 upfront cost, but are able to manage $250 a month. We also know that getting management to approve a $3,500 down payment is challenging, but agreeing to an interest-free $390 a month is supported within the budget.

If you've been denied much needed marketing services or been dreading that long overdue website overhaul - connect with us! We have the financial tools to help bring these projects to life and start delivering new clients to your business.

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